Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 26

Translator Note: “Slag” is what Feizhen sometimes refers to Zha Pi as. If you’d prefer me to stick with just “Zha Pi” to be more memory-friendly, please say so in the comments and I’ll make sure it’s Zha Pi for your ease of reading.


Master“Behind” the Scenes

“Grave robbers still exist?” I scanned my surrounding with my eyes. There were countless tombstones on the crooked hillside. It looks like that’s Peach Village’s cemetery. There were two people hastily throwing the dirt on the surface aside and trying to continue digging.

When I got closer I noticed something strange. The tombstone, I mean grave was larger in dimensions compared to the surrounding ones. In a way it was lucky. It took a lot of effort from the two grave robbers because the tombstone was made from stone.

“Zha Pi, who does the largest grave in the village belong to?”

Zha Pi and Tang Ye can’t see that far and definitely couldn’t see anything in detail, so they didn’t understand what I was talking about, but Zha Pi answered: “Of course my it’s my family’s. Did you forget my old man served as part of the emperor’s security detail? His grave was erected by officials, so it’s sumptuous.” It sounded to me like he’d be more than happy to migrate into the grave. I thought to myself: “Fuck!”

I looked towards Zha Pi, made an apologetic expression and said: “Sorry in advance then. The grave those two are robbing… Belongs to your family.”


Zha Pi angrily jumped up-and-down. “I was planning to sell that tombstone when my financial situation was tight. Master Ming, please help me get rid of those two people!”


This scoundrel… Scumbag you are indeed.

“Grave robbing will incur the death penalty. The emperor’s security detail is different to Liu Shan Men. They’re essentially officials in the royal court. Robbing their graves means decapitation, no ifs or buts.” Tang Ye’s eyes showed a hint of murderous intent when he spoke. It’s more accurate to say that he was trying to provide another excuse for beating up those two grave robbers than providing a judicial interpretation.

I didn’t get him. It’s the pugilistic world we’re talking about here. Killing a grave robber is no big deal. What’s he acting all righteous for?

I nodded and said: “You can go on ahead if you don’t like it.”

“I won’t wait for you guys then.”

Tang Ye saw me carrying Su Xiao on my back so he didn’t force me to come with him. He took a big step forward and blasted off. He incorporated his qi energy after a few steps, increasing his speed in the blink of an eye.

Not only are his fighting skills good, his qinggong skills are great too.

Young people certainly do have bright futures. Back when I was his age, I was lying sick in bed counting the stars.

It didn’t take long for Tang Ye to arrive at the location of the grave robbers. He swept his leg outwards. It looked like a rushed and impulsive sweep, but was a very powerful leg sweep. One of the grave robbers couldn’t tell if it was a feint or a real attack and tried to guard with both of his arms. He was sent back five or six steps before he could stop himself.

By the time that grave robber managed to stop himself, Tang Ye had already engaged the other.

“Who are you?!”

“Another clown from the Qilin Guards.”

Based on what they said, these two must be with the three from Mount Hua. I systematically analysed the scenario based on the information available.

They were after Zha Pi’s family’s grave, so they disguised themselves as friends of his late father and hid in Peach Village. They were probably trying to rob the grave and leg it before anybody could figure out what happened, but ended up catching the attention of the Qilin Guards, and were therefore forced to split up with one team to stop the Qilin Guards while the other robbed.

That sounds about right. Who would rob a grave in the middle of the day? You’d do it quietly and secretly even if it were at night, right?

Wait, doesn’t that mean that there’s something coveted inside Zha Pi father’s tomb?

What could it be?

Millions of gold blocks! Gold as large as eggs! Kekeke, there are definitely valuable treasures in there!

I suddenly felt hot.

I rushed over to the grave. When I arrived I saw Tang Ye’s exciting two-on-one fight. Zha Pi wasn’t fit, so he was way behind somewhere in the distance. I checked left and right, and didn’t detect anyone around. I also noticed that the tomb was slightly open.

I quietly snuck over with my back facing the tomb. I checked again to make sure there was no one around.

I pretended to look into the distance…

I shifted my leg behind me and… Kicked!

I heard a crisp sound. I destroyed half of the diamond part at the top of the tomb, and split the tombstone in two with my kick.

Keke. Mr. Cha, I’m just trying to help prevent people from bothering you in the future, so you can’t blame me.

My eyes scanned the inside of the tomb as fast as Er Lang*.

Found Something!

I saw three things inside.

One book, an ash container and a box of gold.

What do you guys think is the most suspicious thing among the three?

I don’t know myself, but my hand instinctively reached towards the box of gold…

Someone suddenly spoke out.

“Don’t touch that!”

Who’s there?! Who just spoke out during such an important moment?! I looked around but didn’t see anyone. The voice sounded really close. Whoever it is, is very proficient with the Thousand Miles Voice Transfer technique. Even shiyi couldn’t pull it off so well.

But don’t you even dream of snatching it from me! I found the gold first!

Who cares, I’m going to hurry and stash this money like a pirate who’s scared of losing his treasures.

“Ming Feizhen! You’re stealing that which you’re supposed to guard! Aren’t you worried about the vice-captain punishing you?!”

That voice not only mentioned my name, but also brought up my biggest fear!

I couldn’t help but return the gold and then said: “Great hero, please spare me, we can talk this out.”

Unfortunately, my wicked thoughts didn’t stop. My evil eyes were inspecting my surroundings to try and drag the prick out of hiding.

I heard the voice again: “Don’t bother looking, you won’t find me.”

What?! I can’t see him and yet he can see me searching for him? Surely he‘s not clairvoyant. Far out, there are so many masters in the world! I suddenly had a thought.

If even I can’t find him, then I can’t let him escape!

“I’ve met many people before, but I’ve never met someone with your level of qinggong. Please come out and meet me.”

“What good would meeting me do?”

“Judging from your voice, you must be a girl. I’ve never married, hehe, we can be friends.”

My tone hinted: “Wanna go out?”

The voice had trouble responding.

“G-girl my foot. I’m a man!”

“Huh? Your voice is quiet and gentle. Might you have learnt the Demon Sect’s Sunflower Baodian?” I was convinced. It must be the Sunflower Baodian. There’s no other way to explain his proficiency with qinggong.

I scanned the area around me again, and said disappointingly: “I give up. Who are you? Where are you?”

“You really want to know?”

I sincerely said: “I hope to meet you and nothing more.”

“I can tell you, but you must promise not to bully me in the future.”

Huh? Bully? I couldn’t be more than happy to befriend such a skilled martial artist, why would I bully him?

“Don’t kid me, I would not dare have such thoughts. Could you now tell me where you are?”

“So you promise? I’ll tell you now.”

That voice said proudly: “Hehe, I’m right behind you. I’m Su Xiao.”


I turned my head around. Su Xiao gave me a smug funny face.

Fuck! Both my colleagues are only good at trolling me. Don’t they have any other skills?!!


*Er Land is a deity in Chinese mythology  with a third truth-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead.


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