Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 19

Conflict on the First Day

It was day time and the sunshine was bright. I faintly heard the conversation between the two kids beside me as I got to the good part of my dream.

Su Xiao said with admiration: “Brother Yan Ling, you rise very early. When I woke up, you had already packed away your blanket and gone out to train.”

Tang Ye was putting on his robe to be worn when out and faintly replied: “I’m just used to it. The vice-captain wants us to gather at this time, so it’s time we head out.”

“I’m dressed and ready to leave.”

Tang Ye looked left and right. He frowned and asked: “Where’s Brother Ming?”

Su Xiao awkwardly replied: “When I came out just before he was snoring in the room, so I think…”

“I don’t understand how he got recruited.”

Tang Ye’s eyes looked serious as he shook his head and said with a sigh: “I’ll go wake him. Brother Xiao Han, please wait a bit.”

At the time, I was at the part of my dream where I was sharing poetry with Duke Zhou.

All of a sudden I heard someone speak to me. “Brother Ming. Brother Ming, it’s time to wake up.”

“No, no… You need to share a poem…”

Tang Ye asked with a blank face: “What poem?”

I replied in a daze: “Why is the moon full when we must separate?”*

Tang Ye responded by said: “Why is the moon round when we must separate? This poem doesn’t have a continuation.”

“There is. The next line is… I know the Pegasus Fist…” Tang Ye pulled my blanket off without any hesitation, grabbed my arm with one arm and yelled: “Enough! If you don’t wake up, don’t blame me for not being courteous.”

“Fuck off!”

I just waved my hand with about twenty percent of my full power. My palm hit Tang Ye’s chest. He let out a muffled grunt as his body went up into the air and out the window, and before another peep came out of him, he passed out… cold.

I wasn’t yet fully awake so I went back to sleep.

I felt someone pat me on my face a while later.

I opened my eyes with ease and saw a fair mesmerising face, but the person’s hair was done up as a manly bun. The body of said individual looked slender, but it was a pity that the chest region was flat.

“Poor evaluation. Poor evaluation…”

The girl opened her withered eyes wide and asked: “Poor evaluation of what?”

“Who are you miss? What would you be here in my run-down home for?” I wasn’t fully awake so not only was my pronunciation wonky, I also don’t remember very clearly the contents of what I mumbled.

The girl sulkily said: “What girl? I’m Su Xiao. Why haven’t you woken up? We’re supposed to meet the vice-captain now.”

Su Xiao… Who the heck is Su Xiao?

Oh, the trap swordsman… I mean, the pretty swordsman, Su Xiao.

I massaged my aching temple, pulled the blanket over myself and said: “What do want so early in the morning? Let them wait.”

I closed my eyes and returned to my conversation about constellations, palm reading, and sharing poems with Duke Zhou. But this bad-luck-inducing kid pulled my blanket off again!

Wait. Why did I say “again”?

But before I could explain it to myself, Su Xiao poured a pot of tea on my face. He didn’t close the door so the cold winds in spring blew in, and I was pretty much awake from the shock. ”

I looked at him angrily and shouted: “What the hell?!”

Su Xiao retorted: “You think you’re in the right?! We’re a team. If you don’t show up, you’ll affect us!”

I can’t believe my teammate is so unreasonable. I gave up without a fight and complained: “Fine! Since we both have our reasoning, let’s split up here! Leave!”

Su Xiao was startled. He grabbed my collar and said: “That’d mean you’d get off scot-free! Stop causing trouble! Get up!!”

I finally got out of bed after getting yelled at, my collar grabbed and having cold water poured on my face three more times by Su Xiao. I got dressed in a rush and ran towards the Vermillion hall.

Su Xiao continued to complain as we rain: “It’s all your fault we’re going to be late!”

I cried out with vehemence: “What can we do about it now? And can you blame me? Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

“What do you mean? Brother Yan Ling went to wake you up unsuccessfully. I don’t know where he went after either. Didn’t you see him?” “He came to woke me up?”

No he didn’t. I only remember sharing poetry with Duke Zhou. We even argued with each other, but I don’t recall Tang Ye coming by. I firmly said: “He probably went ahead of us.”

We continued talking until we reached the Vermillion Hall. Su Xiao felt small and timid when he saw everyone in the Vermillion Hall dressed neatly and stood silently because he’s young after all. But me? I knew it was a great opportunity!

I extended my long legs and dashed into the Vermillion Hall leaving Su Xiao behind. I copped a scolding as soon as I set foot through the door. Boss Shen sat in a chair and shouted in a domineering tone: “Ming Feizhen, how dare the three of you arrive late on your first day?!”

I ran over to the desk with my head hanging down, made my way to Boss Shen’s side and quietly said: “Boss, it’s not like I wanted to be late. It was all because Su Xiao is still young. He was so excited last night he couldn’t sleep so I struggled to wake him this today. I had to pour water on his face three times and drag him out of bed.”


Su Xiao then calmly and slowly came through. I just finished carrying out a great and noble deed, so I gloriously stood to the side of our leader.

Our captain said to me: “It’s good that know to look after those younger than you. Keep it up.”

“Understood, boss! I won’t let you down!”

Boss Shen looked at Su Xiao and said with a sigh: “Xiao Han, learn from Feizhen. I understand that younger people like to sleep, but Liu Shan Men is different to a martial arts school. There are strict rules you must adhere to. Don’t make that mistake again.”

“HUH?” Su Xiao opened his eyes wide and looked back-and-forth between Boss Shen and I. I gave him a “how about them apples” look. He looked at me like I have no shame.

Boss Shen got a little angry and asked: “What? You got a problem?”

Su Xiao immediately lowered his head and said: “I dare not.” But he kept his hateful and scornful eyes on me.

Come on~ don’t look at me like that. We were all late. You suffering alone is better than both of us suffering.

Boss Shen suddenly asked: “So where’s Tang Ye?”

Su Xiao and I looked at each other , and asked in unison: “He’s not here?”


*A phrase from a poem, 不应有恨,何事长向别时圆. It holds no meaning for you as English readers so I’ve interpreted the meaning of the line instead.


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