Oh No! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! – Vol. 1 Ch. 17

I initially didn’t like this child.

I saw him as form of punishment, a repulsive incarnation of humanity. They cheated my brother, and left my brother with nothing but pain and his own weakness. Humanity is always trying to avoid their own responsibilities. They’re greedy beings who don’t consider consequences. This child was the result of their love which shouldn’t have been.

I initially didn’t like this child.

This child grew up inside me. I swore I’d never share any love with this child and never accept him as my son. I said to myself that I wouldn’t care if he accomplished lofty feats or died after being exiled. I said to myself that all I did was give birth to him, and would never accept him as my son.

That’s how it was supposed to go.

But when a female servant held him in her arms and gently placed him in mine, I couldn’t take my eyes off him after seeing him. I didn’t want anything to do with the child, so why did I hold him in my arms? I’d never held a child before, so why did it feel so nice and natural? I didn’t feel excited about giving birth to him so why was I teary and helplessly smiling?

How come I felt a sense of bliss I’d never felt before when I looked at his small white face and cradled his warm body in my arms as he slept? I never felt this happy when my brother cradled me. It was like we were the only two people in the world. It was as though the world was beautiful as long as I held him in my arms…

Is this… My child…?

I don’t like this child! I said to myself I wouldn’t act as a mother. I said to myself I’d only give him life, not a future… So why? Why? When he first called me “mom”, my tears rolled down like a waterfall, and all I could think about was tightly embracing him. Embracing my own child, my only son.

He’s my son…

He called me “mom”…

He’s my son… My only son… I gave birth to him. I was by his side with every breath he took. He slept in my embrace every night. I cradled his face whenever he cried or smiled. He’s my son, and I’m his mother. There’s no mistake about that, because I’m a mother.

In those moments, I came to the realisation that I’d never be able to bring harm to this child, because from the moment I decided to give him life, I’d already become his mother. His only mother.

I’ve fantasised about all sorts of blissful things, such as spending time with my brother, or going to the spa I like after a hunt to enjoy a nice spa as I watched the people smile. But now I only saw one source of happiness, and that was watching this child grow up. Watching him grow, watching him stumble as he learnt to take his first steps, and at least up until the time he could ride a horse. I wanted to see his small chubby cheeks develop into a masculine face. I wanted to see him grow up, learn archery and swordsmanship. If I could see him slowly grow up, and become the prince revered by all, then that was the ultimate happiness for me.

My happiest moments were watching him come up to me in his well-kept clothes, bow to me, and smile as he called me: “Dear mom.”

That was pure bliss. As long as my son was by my side, my life was filled with happiness. The world was devoid of evil as long as I had his smile. I didn’t need this world, I just needed my son. I had the confidence to overcome any obstacle as long as he was by my side.

My son had grown. My son who I was proud of had grown. He was my son regardless of his past. I gave birth to him, and he grew up a proud, brave and confident man by my side. I’m the one that shaped him and the one that fulfilled the responsibilities of a mother!

Therefore, by rights, I should be allowed to keep him by my side, forever keep him within my sights and forever hold him in my embrace. I won’t let anyone steal him from my embrace, especially that woman. She abandoned him, betrayed him and ran away with her face in her hands. There wasn’t any news from her since the day he was born, and now she thinks that she can just rock up out of nowhere and demand that he be handed over because she was his biological mother after he’d grown up?

He’s my son! He’s mine, and I won’t hand him over to anybody! Nobody!

I want to see him every day, I want to see him become more and more handsome, more and more manly, and welcome him when he smiles and says: “Mom, I’m home…”

That was the most beautiful scene I’d ever seen.

The rays of the sunset shined into the room and onto the bed with the scent of plants. The dust danced in the air. The silk curtain couldn’t block the sunrays out. An elf sat on her bed. The sunrays looked like they shone through her white, almost transparent skin, thus illuminating a gentle and kind light. The sunrays shined on her spellbinding-beautiful face making her look as though she was an angel from heaven. Her blue eyes gazed at the sunset outside her window. Droplets of tears which were like bright diamonds dripped droplet, by droplet.

The sight of her was so beautiful I was swept off my feet. I stood at the door as though I had seen the world’s most beautiful work of art. I shouldn’t go in as art is not something you should approach. Art is something to be appreciated, it’s not some sort of toy. I really wanted to speak to mom but I didn’t want to ruin the mesmerizing scene.

Mom woke up.

Did she just wake up?

Mom’s eyes slowly shifted towards me as she then looked at me with a smile and held her arms out.

I smiled and walked over with light steps. I walked up to her bed and hugged her. I felt mom’s body warmth against mine. The fragrance of plants and her unique scent calmed me down. She held me tightly and stroked my head.

I set my mind at rest and buried my head in her breasts. Then I smiled and said: “Mom, I’m back.”

I didn’t have any misgivings this time. She’s my mom, she’s forever my home. As long I’m in her embrace, all my grief, pain and fatigue disappear. She’s my mom. My only mom…

“Welcome back.”

Mom’s embrace was warm, and her heartbeat put my mind at ease. She stroked my head while smiling. I closed my eyes and smiled as I indulged in her embrace. No celebration or praise from the outside world could compare to a simple “welcome back” from mom.

I’m finally home.

“Mom… I really miss you… I’m so glad you’re alright… I’ve slayed the Earth Dragons, so you don’t have to worry anymore!”

“Me too, son… My only son… I was worried about you too… Why did you disobey me again? You made me worry so much… Look at all this blood on you… I was so worried about you! I can’t let this go on, I have to make sure you remember my words!”

“EEEEHHHH?! What are you doing, mom?! Don’t take my belt off!! AAAHH!! What are these vines for?!”

I hadn’t yet escaped the touching moment. My mind was still there, but before I could do anything, a huge vine wrapped around my waist and hung me up. Two more vines then locked my hands and I couldn’t move at all. Mom undid my belt and pulled my pants down. I shrieked and struggled for dear life. Mom, you’re pretty and all, but what are you trying to do?! A mother pulling her son’s pants down can’t possibly be normal! What are you trying to do?! What are you trying to do?!

I think we’re following the wrong script here!

Shouldn’t it be a touching reunion with mom hugging me?! Why did mom completely ignore the part about me slaying the Earth Dragons and focus on the part about me leaving the palace instead?! This isn’t right! Mom, you’ve missed the point!




“Ahh… Ahh!! Don’t! Don’t do this! Don’t… Don’t! It hurts! It hurts!”

Yeah~ you guessed right. But please keep in mind that the “smack” sounds came from my body, and the bottom line was what came out of my mouth… Mom hung me up, pulled my pants down… And… And punished me in a way worse than death… I agree that this is a normal way of punishing a disobedient child, but I’m a grown man! Couldn’t she have chosen another method?!

Mom sat on her bed and used her vines to lay me on her thighs. She raised her slender arms up high and then smacked me hard… My butt took heavy damage… Mom wasn’t showing any leniency this time. It really, really, really hurt!

“I told you not to leave. Why don’t you listen to me?! Why did you go after those Earth Dragons? Look at you covered in blood! You made me worry so much! I need to give you a spanking to teach you a lesson!”

“That hurts!! Mom!! Aaahh… Don’t! Stop… I… I’m a grown man… Ahh!”

“No matter how grown up you are, you’re still my son! You say you’ve grown up, and yet you make me worry like this! You made a mistake once already and you still disobeyed me!” Mom didn’t go easy on me. She used her perfectly beautiful hands to spank me. I tried to break free, but couldn’t. I couldn’t do anything other than cry in pain…

And suffer incomparable humiliation!

At least it was mom spanking me.  I could accept that. She raised me so I was a bit more accepting and didn’t feel so ashamed of getting spanked…

“Your highness! Your highness! I heard you’ve recovered!”

Lucia excitedly pushed the door open while the imperial palace guards were right at the door. When Lucia saw what was happening inside, her smile froze and she grabbed the door handle. Mom looked at the doorway, raised her hand, and brought it down onto my butt again. I felt all the air in the atmosphere disappear…

Kill me now…

I silently dropped my head. I have no regrets in this life. Mom, you really were a good mom. I’m a little unhappy that you always treated me as a kid, but thank you for looking after me. I’ll let Lucia take care of you from now on. I don’t know how to face people anymore. Just this afternoon, I was their badass leader, and now I’m butt-naked as you spank me…

This is just like when a kid steals from tomatoes from someone, gets caught by his own mom and spanked on the spot…

“Your highness! It was my mistake! I shouldn’t have taken his highness out on my own accord!”

Lucia knelt down, bowed her head down and claimed it was her fault. All the guards behind her followed fit, and the clanging of metal nearly deafened me. I have my suspicions that they cracked the floor. Clearly, they’ve misunderstood the situation! They’re interpreting it as: “If her highness doesn’t spare even her son, then we’re dead meat!”

What happened to our brotherhood?! Could you guys at stop worrying about yourself and help me out here?! At least stop her from spanking me in front of all of you!

Mom looked at them and then looked down at me, and asked in a surprised tone: “Did you take the imperial palace guards with you?”

I looked at mom with eyes filled with despair and said with a grin: “Yes… I took half of them, and we slayed the Earth Dragons… It’s true! It’s true!”

Lucia lowered her head and reported: “That is correct your highness. His highness commanded the men at the canyon and we killed all the Earth Dragons. At the moment, we are waiting to deal with their corpses. His highness held the flag and never took a single step back. He was as brave and wise as you. We all greatly respect him!”

After she finished reporting, she looked up to look at me and winked cheekily.

Mom sat up tall and proud. There was so much pride on her chest it caused the world to tremor. Mom proudly stroked my head and said: “Of course, he’s my son. My biological son. The prince of elves. The next king of the elf race. There’s no way he’d retreat. You’ve all now witnessed what I said. I told you he was courageous, kind, just and lenient. So stop treating him like a child…”

I think you’re the one who’s always treating me like a child! You’re the one spanking me when I’m a grown man!!

“You did well, and got rid of the Earth Dragons. I’m still a little angry, but I shouldn’t welcome a hero home by spanking him… Get up son…”

Mom waved her hand and the vines that came out of god-knows-where disappeared to who-knows-where. I faced my back to them and pulled my pants up… Could you please not stand there looking at me while I get dressed?

After I got dressed, mom clapped her hands and said with a smile: “Alright, let’s go. Let me see the Earth Dragons my son killed!”

“Right away!”


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