Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 26

Chapter 26

Chrissy, Edna and Arwen made their way into the forest following the map. The capsule seemed to lead them deeper into the woods as they came closer and closer to the targeted area. Following the capsule they wondered what their target would be.

Chrissy: “This doesn’t seem like too difficult of a job.”

Edna: “Keep your eyes open, there has to be a twist to this. The Guild Master wouldn’t give us a job that isn’t worth it’s reward. There must be something about the target that requires us to do it even if it’s not dangerous like she claims.”

Arwen: “We understand Edna, so stop constantly trying to lecture us at every turn.”

Edna: “Fine.”

The walked through the woods making the least amount of noise possible. The air was still and there were no animals in sight. It was the middle of a cloudless day and the sun was shining brightly as the shadows of the forest floor shifted as it moved.

They continued to follow the capsule’s designation slowly back and forth. The sun began to move over towards the evening, there were still no clouds.

Arwen: “Are we going in the right direction? The capsule seems to be going back and forth with us.”

Edna: “I don’t know.”

Lightening suddenly struck deep in the forest and the capsule lit up pointing towards that direction. It was something that they were not expecting.

Chrissy: “Quick we need to go, the capsule is pointing.”

The three young women rushed through the forest. Though demoted, A-rank adventurers were still very capable as they moved quickly through the trees.

At the place where the lightening struck was a cleared area where a young and beautiful girl with straight black hair. She looked to be about sixteen years old and she had no clothing on. The capsule opened and some clothing popped out including a hooded cloak.

Edna: “This…?”

I was lazing around the mansion since I had no money to spend after giving all my gold coins to those two idiots. Xeneva might be mad but I’m glad to be rid of them even if I paid a lot of gold for that. Those guys were nothing but trouble, but now I wasn’t sure whether I should try to meet people or make friends or not.

I mean, I have to socialize if I’m going to eventually make grand children for the mother’s who invested so much into me. It feels like such a long time ago since I lived my previous life that I am not even sure about whether I can fully remember those old stories.

I don’t even fully remember my conversation with Dong Chen, and I’m not even sure if it’s real. I do know the army ability is real though because I can feel the power in an extra-dimensional space.

Well, no one lives forever. If I mess up and this world ends who really cares. I’m sure my moms know what’s going on and from what I’ve seen of the first two I’ve me, they’re extremely capable.

A loud thunderous sound came from the back yard of the mansion and a loud flash happened. I could tell it was lightening. When I was a kid the closest lightening ever struck was several meters away from me. Even if I forget everything else, that’s something I won’t forget.

The place it struck must be charred up. I got up and ran outside but Catherine was there. It wasn’t raining, the day was clear. Lightening on a clear day?

Catherine: “Master Roy, there is a displaced man in our back yard.”

Roy: “Displaced? What does that mean?”

Catherine: “It’s a person from a different world who was moved over here. It is likely because the summoning of the Heroine is soon, but since it is a man he is likely a side effect.”

Roy: “Heroine?”

Catherine: “It seems your mother did not tell you about this but almost everyone who lives here in Adventure City knows about this. This is something that goes back thousands of years, but when the demon lord is about to be unsealed the world summons a heroine to fight against him. The Heroine’s summoning however may displaces individuals. These individuals often will have nowhere to go and it’s a terrible fate to come here knowing their abilities or skills. Only the heroine gets skills.”


Roy: “Then can you bring him in here? If he’s not from this world and he is suffering then wouldn’t it be better to help him?”

Catherine stared at me for a moment then smiled.

Catherine: “If master Roy wishes for it we will bring him in and clothe him and give him food, however it will be up to Master Dhalia to make the final decision when she comes home.”

Catherine smiled and ordered the maids to go out and bring things for the man. Roy kept asking himself if this was the friend he might be supposed to have. Thinking about it, the man was from his original world right? Well there might be more than one world out there.

Moments later I saw familiar face walked into the mansion.

Roy: “Justin? What the heck?”

Justin: “Roy? What are you doing here? I was struck by lightening then next thing I know I’m naked and a bunch of maids are offering me clothes. I thought you died two days ago… wait why do you look younger? Is this heaven or some other place?”

I was going go hug my best friend from the previous life… but… I stopped in the middle. The guy was dirty from the soot even though he was recognizable to me.

Roy: “No it’s not heaven. It’s a long story but you should go bathe or something since you have black soot all over you.”

Justin: “Bathe? Yeah you’re probably right.”

Roy: “I’ll talk to you after.”

Really? Justin? Of all the people who could come it’s Justin? This is great! Justin, last name Wong. For some reason I always felt he should have been fat but this guy isn’t fat for all the video games he plays.

The guy won several fighting game competitions and was sponsored, when I was down he tried to help me but I got hit by a truck. He said I died two days ago so there has to be something to that, or the timeline for both of these worlds don’t match one hundred percent. That happened in the story as well, the timelines didn’t match when Dong Chen was talking to Jordan about the comments and the author.

None of that matters right now, the best thing about Justin is that he knows how to play fighting games. The main reason he doesn’t fight in real life is because he doesn’t like to feel tired, but if he can take control of a soldier I summon the guy can really learn how to use them. This is going to be fun, maybe.

I went over the information about the army system again. Technically I was an Admin, and Justin could be added as a user. If he came here like my dad did without any abilities then being able to be a user is going to be something helpful since the soldiers can’t improve their combat skills. Five more days man, five more days! Still, I want to catch up. I haven’t seen my best friend in so long.

It took a few hours before Justin finally came down. He was about the same height as I was so my clothing could fit him as well. The maids helped him down stairs and we gave each other a bro hug.

Justin: “Dude man, I thought I was dead getting struck by lightening.”

Roy: “Where were you exactly?”

Justin: “I went to an Erisu Moto concert, you remember she was touring in America? Then out of nowhere this bolt of lightening hits the stage then I was hit as well. It was crazy man.”

Roy: “Why did you go to her concert?”

Justin: “Bro, you’re obsessed with her man. After you got hit by a truck I went in your memory since I didn’t really know how to set up a funeral for you. How’d you end up here?”

Roy: “Long story man, but I was reincarnated here. I guess you transmigrated here like my old man did.”

Justin: “Your old man transmigrated here too? Then how did you know if you reincarnated.”

Roy: “I’m his son again but this time he died before I was born. Not sure who my mom is here but apparently four different women gave birth to me.”

When Justin heard this his eyes widened in surprise.

Justin: “Bro you need to tell me what’s going on because all this s*** is confusing.”

Roy: “Alright man.”

I recounted everything that had happened to me. Justin was my best friend and he was going to be here since apparently there was no way to go back home. He was surprised at the fact I had four moms, and two of them I had already met. The world had magic but I left out the thing about the system because I didn’t really want him to know about it yet until I had it up and running but I would definitely be making him a user.

There were just too many ears right now in the mansion. Yep, I also left out the part about both mom’s insisting I drank milk, well… at least Dhalia’s part since she insisted while I was an adult. She stopped after two times telling me I could ask for it when I wanted but she wouldn’t make me again. That was another shackle dropped.

After everything was said Justin looked a bit solemn.


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