The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 81

Going Wild with Sisi

I didn’t go see Achilles. I didn’t think he was hoping I’d repay him the money he loaned. I sure as anything couldn’t let the elves use Veirya’s debt as a reason to keep her, meaning that I had to repay our loan from them. Achilles… his loan didn’t matter. We could even discuss the interest.

Achilles probably didn’t expect me to be back. I was assassinated at the entrance of Sisi’s imperial palace, which was evidence that she was involved in some shape or form. If she wasn’t directly involved, then she tacitly approved of it. Nevertheless, I had returned to the imperial palace. I could stop my horse carriage as if I owned the place, and no guards would drive me off. Nobody could force me to leave besides Sisi.

I reached into my clothes and undid my bandage around my lower back. My wound had healed for the most part; I just had some scarring left. I was still somewhat weak, but it wasn’t debilitating. I gave the coach a signal to open up for me.

The imperial palace was as majestic as I could remember. The nobles on either side conversed as they slowly walked along the marble path. I scanned everything around before taking in a deep breath and heading in.

As I had no business at the front palace, I made my way to the rear palace. The entrance there was the same as before. The ladies-in-waiting didn’t look surprised to see me. I, therefore, surmised that Sisi must’ve taken the next step after Edward’s failure. She knew that I would come for the medal. The rear palace was no longer Sisi’s and my love nest. It was a spider web. Once I went in, it would be a challenge to leave. That said, what could I do about it?

I could choose to just leave with Veirya. She also considered me more important than the medal. To me, however, she was more important than anything and anyone. If I loved her, I couldn’t let her abandon her glory due to fear of danger.

I took in a deep breath and headed into the rear palace. The ladies-in-waiting bowed to me and then resumed their duties. The lady-in-waiting who received me led me upstairs without a word.  I didn’t know if Sisi had gone out to discuss national affairs or what, but she should’ve been at the front palace at this hour, yet her door was shut.

“Her Majesty knew you would be back today, so she is currently having a bath in her bedroom. When she is done, you can enter.”

“This is a glass of honey wine for you.”

“Thank you.”

If I learnt anything last time, it was how to drink. After I took my time finishing the drink, two ladies-in-waiting came out carrying Sisi’s clothes and bowed, signalling it was acceptable for me to enter.

Sisi, attired in her bathrobe, sprawled out on her sofa and rewarded her palate with a glass of wine. She gave herself a vacation by the looks of it. She boldly wriggled her toes and flaunted her breasts with the way they were bursting at the seams. After she waved her hand, the lady-in-waiting outside room shut the door.

My throat suddenly felt dry while I felt a little hot.

“What in the world?! This is enough to get me aroused?! I’m used to seeing Veirya’s body, so I should be indifferent to Sisi in her bathrobe. Why do I have this terrifying impulse right now?” I wondered.

I took in a deep breath, only to discover that I couldn’t calm down. My body and mind developed autonomous control. I approached Sisi step by step. I had forgotten what I came for. I just wanted to push her down and ravage her.

“What exactly am I doing?! What am I doing?! Was there something in that glass of wine?” I pondered.

Sisi lifted the corner of her lips and stood up with Veirya’s medal, the one made for warriors, in hand: “Dongqing, you want to get this back for Veirya, right?”

Sisi undressed, conquering more of my rationality: “Come. I also want to skip the drivel. Come, Dongqing. If you can please me enough that I pass out, then I’ll return the medal to you. If you give up halfway or fail to please me, then I won’t return it. You can choose any spot in my room. I’ll go along with y-”

Before Sisi could finish, I had stripped and tossed my clothes aside. I sped over, pressing her onto her bed and plastered my lips to hers. She responded wildly. She ripped off my remaining bits of clothes. I rubbed her mounds that were akin to a divine miracle into all sorts of shapes and forms. She spared no effort to hold back her bold moans. I think the entire rear palace could hear her. Nevertheless, I didn’t care about any of that. Sisi’s hands desired me to move to the next base.

It was my first time, but I imitated what I had seen before. Some say that suckling is an innate ability that humans are born with. I agree. I never had any experience before, yet I was able to find the right place, and I went as hard as I could, ignoring Sisi’s screams. She wildly fastened her arms behind my back. I could feel her convulsing and wriggling her hips as though she was searching for the best spot. I let my instincts take ove my hips. After the initial shyness, Sisi gradually turned up the volume.

Although Sisi was assertive, she wasn’t able to hang in there for too long. Soon enough, round one ended. She panted and shifted back a little. She ignored what I had to say and went on all fours on the bed with her teeth clenched. They say that mature men should tie their lover’s hair. Thus, I tugged her hair and began to ram her from behind.

Sisi pushed me to the ground and mounted me. Her burgundy hair danced wildly as she dug her finger into my flesh. Maybe it was the arousal and maybe it was the drug, but all I saw was her body dancing on top of my hips.

Round two ended. While convulsing, Sisi rolled over onto the carpet. Nevertheless, she still had a vice-like grip on the medal. I never thought it’d be so tiring. Despite panting, she smiled and stated, “Not enough yet.”

“Oh, really? You know what? Neither have I.”

That day would become an incredibly terrifying day for the ladies-in-waiting. The action in Queen Sisi’s room didn’t stop from day to night. Her cries, crazy pleas for pleasure and every other noise she could make – not to mention the sound of body on body collision – never stopped. Some even saw Queen Sisi pressed up against the glass window as she passionately kissed her man. They even saw the two go crazy enough to knock the door open. When Sisi fell down, he dragged her back in. She almost sounded as though she pled for mercy.

When he needed a breather, Sisi strangled his neck and continued squirming on him. The room only quietened down when the sun came down the next day. Those who were informed knew that it was their Queen’s nasty hobby. The ignorant would’ve thought the room was a coliseum where a warrior and a lion fought for an entire day before both fell. Despite it being silent, not a soul dared to approach.

I ended up losing count of how many times I did it. I had lost my memory and conscious during the session as a matter of fact. I was left with just instinct. Else, Sisi woke me up by pouring water on me… Was it water? I never found out…

The two of us had no shame or guilt. If Sisi passed out, I didn’t give a single care. I continued slapping against her cheeks until she woke up. When it was her turn, she choked me, shouting for me to wake up and continue. The two of us even began to hurt each other. I slammed Sisi’s head on the door, while she scratched my chest as if she’d gone mad. Our blood stained the entire room. Lord knows how many antique flower vases we kicked over. Neither of us felt any pain when we cut our feet. In the end, we both dropped to the ground without an ounce of energy left in us. Sisi tightly gripped the medal and maintained her eerie smile. I mustered up my strength to grab it. Sadly, I passed out before I could grab it.

I asked myself, “What did I come here to do exactly? To do Sisi?”

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