Quick Report on the YouTube and Extra Chapters Scheme



In short, both the owners and I are underwhelmed. I approached them with the potential to reach 1000+ viewers, because that was how many readers we have – excluding patrons. The best performing one was the first one, which garnered 175 views. Since then, they’ve barely garnered much compared to the number of readers.

Last week, on Thursday (my time), I watched the performance in real time with one of the channel owners. In total, the video garnered just over 77 views from the site after 24 hours when there were 1150 readers in that time frame. During the time we watched the performance in real time, at one point, I saw 73 readers on the chapter, and 1 person of those 73 readers clicked and let the video run. Thank you to the 7% who clicked.

I know, at least, 800 people clicked to read the post I made about the system (within the first 48 hours I published the article), because I can see the stats.

I don’t know how to explain the low numbers; maybe I overestimated the demand for chapters. I believe I’ve done all that I can for it.

Moving on, a positive is one of the channel owners (other one has yet to reply) has expressed interest to continue. With that said, he is demanding a considerably lower price than I initially suggested, as the viewership failed to live up to expectations. Initially, we were talking about $100 for 400 views/video, but he’s dropping that very low. I haven’t replied to him yet, but my goal is to ask for more during this talk with him. Some of you subscribed, so you bet I’ll leverage that.

Here is the screenshot of what he is offering now. Personally, I’ll take it even the smallest amount from him; it just means there are more burdens on the patrons.


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