Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 52

Vyvyan’s long blonde hair gently swayed; her blue eyes had determination written in them. Puzzled, Ying asked, “Did you have business with me, Queen Vyvyan? What do you want me to do? Although I am a bodyguard, I am unwilling to kill people.”

“No, I’m not asking you to kill anyone, and I don’t have any ridiculous request to make of you. I want you to kill a wild beast that’s similar to those wyrms. It’s a wild animal that’s endangering my son.”

“Is it an animal?”

“It’s a wild beast that’s similar to the wyrms. It’s another wild beast that kills people. It’s another wild beast that wants to kill my son. We want to kill it. We want to bring my son, who is also your master, back. Last time, our child protected us and saved us. This time, it’s our turn to protect him! Ying, what do you think?”

Ying had seen enough variety of monsters, and she wasn’t worried about her conscience bearing any burden over killing a wild beast. From Ying’s perspective, there was no such thing as a good wild beast; only ones that harm people and ones that didn’t. Previously, she had no means of killing wyrms. Otherwise, she would’ve annihilated them all. She thought she’d never be able to kill the wyrm, but that turned out to be false. Sometimes, the wyrms she wounded gradually died. However, there wasn’t just one, and a new one would eventually surface. The thought of protecting wild beasts never crossed her mind. If the wild beast hurt those she loved, then killing them was justified. She had no pity for them. She had killed many wild beasts and guarded the village for a long time. Killing a wild beast was as simple as the click of a finger.

There was no problem, since Ying didn’t have to kill a human being. Hence, she nodded: “All right. Do I need to prepare anything?”

Vyvyan nodded: “We need your sister, Xia, as well. The wild beast also has a layer of mana enveloping its body, which functions as its armour, so we need somebody who can pierce its armour. As long as you can destroy its armour, killing it will be a simple matter.”

Ying nodded again: “I hope it’s not too far away, then. Xia isn’t in good shape, so we can’t leave for too long.”

Vyvyan clenched her teeth. In a serious tone, she responded, “That won’t be a problem. We can reach our destination in an instant as long as you’re ready. Tomorrow, that damn dragon’s head will be hung on our wall in our room for accolades.”

Ying nodded. She didn’t care what the dragon was. If it was a wild beast, it could be killed. Judging from the fact it had mana armour, it sounded as if it was the exact same as the wyrm. Most importantly, it was the first time Ying saw Vyvyan with such an overwhelming murderous urge.

Vyvyan didn’t care what consequences would come out of killing the dragon. She merely wanted to kill the dragon.

Ying nodded: “We can move once my sister, Xia, has arrived.”

Pleased, Vyvyan nodded back: “I’ve always thought of those around my son as cowards, but he does have a brave warrior with him, after all. Ying, we have only met once before, but your bravery for him and sense of duty to him is the same. Ying, you are a qualified guard.”

“No. Queen Vyvyan, that is not certain. I have never been a bodyguard. I cannot call myself a perfect guard, yet. However, I can accomplish this task. “

Vyvyan turned around and left. Although the coward Elizabeth was unwilling to go, she could find someone else. The dragon possessed very powerful mana. Vyvyan, therefore, wasn’t confident she could defeat the dragon in a head-on battle. The scales of dragons could reflect all magic attacks, but as long as the scales were nullified, it was nothing but a huge lizard.

As she left, Vyvyan said to herself, “I was hoping that Elizabeth would help me slay the dragon, but it appears I’ll have to personally slay it in the end. At the end of the day, I’m my son’s true mother, after all. I’m his true mother. A mother never worries about whether she can do it or not, for a mother can do anything in her child’s presence. A mother can give up everything for her son. Elizabeth can’t give up anything. What right does a woman, like her, have to be a mother? What right does she have to have such a cute child? I knew it; I’m the one who should be Troy’s mom. When everybody in the world abandons him, I’m the only one who will stand in front of him and protect him without any qualms! Only I can do that!!

I’ll slay that dragon. I’ll slay it. I can forgive it for stealing my brother, but under no circumstances will I allow it to steal my son. My son is now willing to live, so there’s always the chance he might accept my method. I just have to bring him back. I just have to slay that dragon, stomp it, behead it, and then hang it on the wall!

Whoever hurts my son can forget about living. If they do, I’ll make their life more miserable than death.”


Current time at the elves’ forbidden zone in the desert, located Northwest of the elven lands.

I didn’t know what the exact name of the place was, but since it was a desert, I couldn’t go wrong calling it a desert. The dragon civilisation once existed there. I saw a few leftover items from the dragons. The dragons didn’t snatch the gold from somewhere; the gold actually belonged to them. According to what I was told and the engraving on their gold coins, the dragons’ civilisation was very prosperous and powerful back in the day.

The dragon looked a little sad when their destruction was mentioned, though. The dragon race was destroyed due to war, one waged against themselves no less. I felt incredibly depressed when she told me the part out the female dragons fighting over a child male dragon as well as what his mother did. It was probably because we shared the same grief.

Although I wasn’t a dragon, my two moms treated me that way… They didn’t fight me for lust, but purely out of their motherly instinct; nevertheless, it still made me suffer and cry in sorrow…

“Wait… If the dragon can go into heat…” I realised something disturbing.

I turned to look at the dragon next to me feeling terrified… She was looking at me with affection, but I was certain that she would definitely treat me the same way she treated my father…

I wasn’t willing to develop a sexual relationship with the dragon… I suffered so much doing it with Mommy Vyvyan… It felt amazing… But the most important thing was the sinful feeling. I honestly didn’t want to do anything with the dragon. What was more frightening was, if I did, then Vyvyan would probably incinerate us with her rage… I bet Elizabeth would join the fray with her, too…

Mom threw me into the water. I had undressed. As I said, Mom’s clothes were made from her scales, so I was the only one there… The water wasn’t cold in the slightest, but I was positive the dragon raised the temperature of the water…

She looked my way nervous and eager. She really wanted to be close to me, but she didn’t dare to approach. She looked somewhat similar to Elizabeth back then. I had an odd nostalgic feeling when I saw that look of hers. I said, “Mom… I want to know how exactly I can live on…”

She replied, “Thou will not die when thou are by my side.”

“No, what I mean is I don’t want to depend on others to live… I want to live on my own… I want to return to normal. I want to return to my previous self that could produce mana.”

“Thou won’t die by my side. Thou are my son, therefore I can save thou.” The dragon looked at me nonchalantly, and then continued, “I am thy mother; therefore, thou can just rely on me. I will not complain, feel annoyed or hate, so thou can rest assured. I am thou mother; therefore, protecting thou is my responsibility. Thou need not worry.”

By the sounds of things, the dragon didn’t seem as though she intended to help me come up with a method… She just needed me to be by her side… Actually, I was sure she was worried I’d leave. She really liked me, but she wasn’t an idiot who forgot or ignored things. She still had her guard up against me, which is why she chose a method that would keep me with her.

It was a deal with realistic benefits. She couldn’t go anywhere if I left. My only choice was to stay by her side, or I’d die due to lack of mana. The mana I required was as insignificant as a corner of her scale. Though Mommy Vyvyan was a demi-god, she was limited by her physical body, so she didn’t possess as much mana. The dragon’s mana capacity was mind-blowing.

“I have to leave… Do I need to find a way myself…? How am I going to do that, though? I don’t have a way… I don’t understand the dragon before me, and I know even less about dragons. What do I need to do to save myself here?” I contemplated.

No clue. Nonetheless, I still had hope. Previously, I lacked time. At that point, what I had was time. All I was missing was an opportunity.

The dragon didn’t wait for me to say anything else. Instead, she sat down comfortably in the water. The White Deer King also immersed herself in the water. She must’ve really liked the warm water, too. I shut my eyes.

“I don’t have any method for the meantime anyway. I’ll just enjoy this comfortable water for now. I definitely won’t waste too much time here. I must return, and I must return with a normal body!” I decided.


Current time at the Imperial Palace in the North.

Xia felt Ying pick her up. She softly giggled, and then asked the person next to her, “Do we have to head out, Sister?”

Ying nodded: “Yes. We need to make a trip outside; or rather, His Majesty has run into trouble again; he needs our help. We need to rescue him and slay a wild beast with mana. It’s all right.”

“Is it the same as the wyrms?”

“Yes, about the same. It’s that sort of monster.”

“Okay.” Xia didn’t say anything else. Instead, she gave a nod.

Ying was willing to go, because she’d ask lots of questions and find herself wrestling over things a lot, but she didn’t say anything this time. That indicated she also wanted to head there as early as possible even if she had to kill something…


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